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There is no any class documentation yet. But you still can download sources and look for classes there. The primary goal of the project is easily creating buisness apps. So lets create one for example.


In this example we will create credit calculator. It will work over one database table - list of banks, wich provide information about percantage per year, min and max of credit. We will develop two data forms: list of banks form and calculating page.
The source code
Working application


Look at download page. If there is no any Alpha version - please, download latest source version by yourself and compile it. By default it compliles into R:\jSLCore. You can bind any directory to r:\ by comand subst r:\ "C:\Any_Directory"
Additionaly source code contains two project - jSLApp.Web and jSLApp.Client. Please, copy them into any another place and combine into one solution. This will be our credit calculator project. You can rename anything by refactoring tools, such as Resharper. Also we have to change references to jSLCore assemblies, because out projects are not in jSLCore solution now. Delete the references to jSLCore.Client.Presentation, jUtility, jSLCore.Client.Utility in jSLApp.Client project and jSLCore.Service in jSLApp.Web project. Mannualy point the assemblies from r:\jSLCore (or any place,where you compile jSLCore to) by clicking add reference.

You can login by testuser (password: qwerty) and try to create new role.

How the core works:
jDatabase (App_Data folder in jSLApp.Web project) contains logins table, roles and permission tables and so on. At this moment you should keep it. The core needs this database.
RootService.svc - service for authorizationg and constants loading:
<%@ ServiceHost Language="C#" Debug="true" Service="jSLCore.Service.jSLAuthorizationServiceBase"%>

Client side is working because of
       private void Application_Startup(object sender, StartupEventArgs e) 
           var container = new ApplicationContainer(false, UIHelper.GetCurrentWebHostAddress() + @"RootService.svc"); 
           container.NeedContentContainer += () => new MainContentContainer(); 
           RootVisual = container; 

Sorry, The page is under construction. The full text(ru-RU) is here:

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