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Project Description
jSLCore is the easiest way to create business applications based on SilverLight 5.
The project is still in aplha phase. But you can already create the apps with it.

Using jSLCore documentation:
Russian Undeground Techno Community example:
Video rent :


  • Base control classes to be implemented: BaseControl,DataControl,DialogControl,SelectControl, MainContentBase and so on.
  • Implemented background worker with splash screen.
  • Modal dialog box
  • Mechanism for data selecting from lists
  • Rich binding - ReadOnlyBinding, ValidationBinding, SecurityBinding, EnumBinding (built-in mechanism to translate enum value to description from database),NullContextBinding, MultiBinding and so on.
  • Validation groups
  • Validation - "setter invoke" validation, IDataErrorInfo validation, validation rules validation + validation rules trees, Warning mode and so on
  • WCF Sync Proxy Generator to build proxies with sync mode in the SilverLight.
  • LINQ extensions: GetOne,SafeSum, SafeMax etc
  • Safe server exception reporting to client
  • Security: initial sql database wich contains users, roles (hierarchical), permission descriptions and enum values descriptions, BaseService for implementing in client code for authorization and constants loading.
  • Controls: LeftHeaderContainer,ErrorBorder, WarningBox, ErrorBox,InfoBox,ErrorInfo, OkCancelControl
  • Everything interacts together as a single mechanism, all of this provide the rules for building buisness apps and with following this rules we can keep the time for buisness implementating

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